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Jordan Peele To Produce New Docuseries On Lorena Bobbitt 0


Jordan Peele, one half of the comedic duo Key and Peele and the Academy Award-winning writer and director of Get Out, will create a four-part docu-series about Bobbitt.

If you were around and old enough to remember the nineties, then you know the name Lorena Bobbitt and what she did to make a name for herself.

For those who don’t remember, Lorena Bobbitt, of Virginia, became a household name in 1993 when she cut off her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife while he was sleeping.

Afterward, Bobbitt threw the dismembered penis in a nearby field. It was eventually found and surgically reattached.

Bobbitt and her deed became not only the talk of the town, but it wasn’t long before her name was associated with all types of jokes. So much so that the details of the assault got muddled.

Bobbitt claimed that she attacked her husband because he had abused her throughout their marriage. During her trial, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt. denied allegations of abuse and the couple divorced in 1995.

The new docu-series will stream on Amazon.

In a statement about the project, Peele said, “When we hear the name ‘Bobbitt,’ we think of one of the most sensational incidents to ever be catapulted into a full-blown media spectacle. With this project, Lorena has a platform to tell her truth as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse and her demand for justice. This is Lorena’s story, and we’re honored to help her tell it.”

The series will be produced through Peele’s Monkeypaw production company.

I cannot wait to see this. As a child, born in the late eighties, we only got the main details behind the major scandals of our day, so I’m ready to learn more.

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