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One Drop – Europe Nobility’s Black Bloodline: King Charles Stuart II of England 1

King Charles Stuart II of England

Charles II (b. 29 May 1630 – d. 6 February 1685)[c] was king of Scotland from 1649 until his deposition in 1651, and king of England, Scotland and Ireland from the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 until his death in 1685.

King Charles Stuart II

Evidence of King Charles Stuart II’s Black Blood

There are many uncontested physical evidence from history that proves that King Charles Stuart II was partly of the Black race. The official portrait below (Charles in Garter robes by John Michael Wright or studio, c. 1660–1665) tells the whole story. Compare this portrait to the following picture of Lionel Richie – infamous Black R&B singer. Dear we say more?

black royalty in europe

Literal Descriptions

Historical descriptions of King Charles Stuart II from his own time unequivocally portrayed him as black. He was fondly called “the black boy” by his loyal subjects. NOTE: the concept of white-superiority black-inferiority was not in existence at that time. So to call a black royalty “black boy” was a symbol of affection not pejoration. During his escape after the Battle of Worcester, he was referred to as ‘a tall, black man’ in parliamentary wanted posters (Coote, Stephen (2000). Royal Survivor: A Life of Charles II. New York: St. Martin’s Press. ISBN 0-312-22687-X).

In his book “King Charles II” Anthony Fraser wrote:

“First of all he had an abnormal darkness of complexion, a truly saturnine tint. This darkness was the subject of comment from first his mother who wrote jokingly to her sister-in-law that she had give birth to a black baby and to a friend in France that ‘he was so dark that she was ashamed of him’. She would send his portrait ‘as soon as he is a littler fairer’. But Charles never did become fairer. Later the sobriquet ‘the Black Boy’ would be used, still commemorated in English inn signs.”

King Charles II was also referred to by detractors as “that black Bastard” based on malign rumors at the time of the Popish Plot in the 1670s, that Charles had been fathered on Henrietta Maria by a ‘black Scotsman’ – reflecting the two prejudices of the time against the Catholics and the Scots.

King Charles’ Black Mistresses and Children

King Charles Stuart II was notorious for his many mistresses, many of whom were biracial black nobility. Most noted were Barbara Villiers, Lousie de Karouaille and Lucy Walter, whose official pictures clearly show to be biracial Blacks. And as clearly evident from the black child that Barbara Villiers holds in the painting below, the black mistresses of King Charles Stuart II bore him many black sons and daughters who would become nobles and the progeniture of many European nobility.
barbara villiers black european royalty

Barbara Villiers

louise de kerouaille black european royalty

Louise de Kerouaille

lucy walter black nobility of England

Lucy Walter

king charles stuart II black kings of England

King Charles in later life

James Scott duke of monmouth black prince

Eldest son, James Scott Duke of Monmouth (nice ‘fro)

henry fitzroy duke of grafton europe black nobility

Son Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton (1663-90)

charlotte fitzroy countess of lichfield europe black princess

Daughter Charlotte Fitzroy, Countess of Lichfield (1664-1718)

Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria Fitzcharles

Daughter Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria Fitzcharles (1650-84)

King Charles’ Black Italian and French Ancestors

King Charles Stuart II’s grandmother was Marie de’ Medici of the Alessandro de’ Medici black Medici line. Alessandro de’ Medici (22 June 1510 – 6 January 1537) called “il Moro” (“the Moor”), Duke of Penne and also Duke of Florence (from 1532), was ruler of Florence from 1531 until 1537.Marie de’ Medici (26 April 1575 – 3 July 1642) was Queen of France as the second wife of King Henry IV of France, of the House of Bourbon. Historians unanimously agree that Alessandro de’ Medici was the only son of Lorenzo II de’ Medici (grandson of Lorenzo de’ Medici, the Magnificent) and through an African woman Simonetta da Collevecchio. Some historians believed him to be in fact the illegitimate son of Giulio de’ Medici (later Pope Clement VII), nephew of Lorenzo de’ Medici, the Magnificent, through the African woman.

allessandro de' medici black european nobility

Alessandro de’ Medici

alessandro de' medici italian black nobility

A cameo of Alessandro de’ Medici by Domenico di Polo.

marie de' medici french black queen

Marie de’ Medici – clearly bi-racial black

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  1. “The Irish annalists were a lesson to all with their division of Norse invaders into White Foreigners, Norwegians(Finn-gaill), and Black Foreigners, Danes(Dubh-gaill), but it was a lesson no one heeded; nor do we know why they distinguished them by colour.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

    “The Welsh chroniclers, for example, made no such clear distinction. The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles(y Kenedloed Duon), Black Norsemen(y Normanyeit Duon), Black Host, Pagans, Devils and the like.”(CONT.) See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

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