African tribal rituals and ceremonies, Lifestyle | Culture | Vodaabe tribe[Part 3]

African tribal rituals and ceremonies, Lifestyle | Culture | Vodaabe tribe[Part 3]
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In west Africa, in the Sahel region people live tribe vodaabe (vudabi, wodaabe). The number of the tribe of 65 thousand people. All of them reside in the territory of Niger. “Vodaabe” means “people of taboo.” To remain in the tribe, its members must adhere to strict rules of conduct. In a culture vodaabe there are many restrictions. For example, a father and mother not allowed to talk with her first-born, until he becomes an adult. Tribe members believe that it will make him shy and submissive. Vodaabe believe that everyone should possess such qualities as patience, self-control, prudence, discipline, respect for one’s neighbor, obedience to elders and relatives. According to the custom vodaabe people should behave modestly as possible and avoid direct views. The Sahel region is only a short period of rain per year, and in the rest of the time it looks like a red-hot frying pan. In such difficult climatic conditions the people vodaabe Cattle and wanders from pasture to pasture. Representatives of the tribe say they can talk to the animals in a special language. They do not kill and do not sell livestock and animals used for the transport of things and produce milk. A nomadic group unites several families. Strict rules governing the behavior of each member of the family, order transportation of things and how the camp is divided. Even bed Stela strictly from north to south. In the middle of the camp put a special table where a woman lay out all of your valuables. Absolutely any object in vodaabe has its place. Every 2-3 days all this is going, sinking back on the donkeys and bulls and transported to another location, where expanded in exactly the same manner. Life in the desert is difficult, but it does not prevent the people of the tribe vodaabe pay much attention to their appearance. They consider themselves to be the most beautiful on earth. Traditionally vodaabe not women and men should look attractive. They make a mask for the face of the minerals and applied makeup. Naturally, all this is done in order to please women.
The tribe are two types of marriages. If a woman with a man found on guérewol and create a family, it is considered a marriage of love. Another kind of marriage – when the boy’s parents asked her parents that she was married to their son. Engagement occurs when a girl turns 7 years old, and her husband’s family she becomes 15 years of age. According to custom, before the wedding, the groom gives the bride’s parents three cows. Same-sex relationships in the tribe are excluded, but to have one man several wives is not forbidden. vodaabe Women also have a relative freedom. If a woman is unhappy in a marriage, it can safely go to another man.
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