ISOLATED Amazon Tribes Xingu | African Tribe Traditions and Ceremonies[Part 13]

ISOLATED Amazon Tribes Xingu | African Tribe Traditions and Ceremonies[Part 13]
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Xingu peoples are indigenous peoples of Brazil living near the Xingu River. They have many cultural similarities despite their different ethnologies. Xingu people represent fifteen tribes and all four of Brazil’s indigenous language groups, but they share similar belief systems, rituals and ceremonies.
The Yawalapiti live in the Upper Xingu region in the state of Matto Grosso in Brazil.
Long protected by the hostile tribes of Lower Xingu, the Yawalapiti do not believe in violent behaviour which they see as unworthy of human beings. They channel their aggression into certain rituals such as Uka Uka wrestling matches held during the Kuarup, the ceremony honouring the dead.
The Yawalapiti have no concept of personal property and accept polygamy, although not all practise it.

Can Amazon Indians consider nudists?
If we define naturists as “people of both sexes, spending time together in public naked is not necessarily for sexual purposes”, then yes, you can.
The Indians from the Xingu River were only discovered in 1961. This allowed them to maintain their national traditions, the main of which (for us) – a truly national clothes.
After all, Spanish and Portuguese colonizers at the time the first thing the Indians converted to Christianity, and under this pretext, immediately forced them to trick out their clothes, poking his nose under the appropriate place of the alleged St. Scripture. Appeal proceeded slowly and with difficulty, and preserved evidence of his contemporaries as a new church built for Aboriginal sign, for example, “a beautiful young woman with new donated pants, trousers gracefully tied round the neck, more of the same on it was nothing … “. But in the end, all dressed.
The Indians from the Xingu river passed this fate. But they suffered another – they began to wander tourists and film crews and ask to portray any ritual celebration or funeral for proper wages. As a result, it seems, every family has become a folk ensemble, permanently celebrating something. Sometimes they even go on tour in the city, where, however, they pull some vile cowards in to political correctness and non-religious feelings of the audience.

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