Yamaha R3 Review After ~1 Month Of Ownership (Transmission Problems)

This was intended to be an ASMR video, but it didn’t work out well because of all of the interruptions. I don’t think it’s possible for me to make an ASMR video outdoors where I live 🙁

So this is a followup review of the Yamaha YZF-R3. I’ve had the bike for almost a month now and it just happened to have 1,000 miles on it when I recorded the video.

I’ve been having transmission problems ever since I bought the bike. I can have the clutch pulled all the way in and the transmission either won’t engage or disengage. I’m not sure why that is happening, but I don’t like it because it’s dangerous, especially when there’s a line of cars waiting behind me!

The other reviewers were right when they complained about the tires that come with this bike. These tires SUCK!!! Their limits can be reached and surpassed very easily. This bike definitely needs stickier tires. If it had stickier tires, then there would be no need for anti-lock brakes, which these American specification bikes doesn’t have. I be sliding and skidding all of the time when I’m riding this bike. Because of these crappy tires, the bike also loves to “fishtail” during hard braking. A couple of times I even had rear tire spin during hard acceleration. Next year I will definitely upgrade the tires on this bike.


I’m sorry about the firetruck.

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